Solid Sterling Silver or 14kt Gold 2.5 or 3mm Round Accent, Bracelet , Earring, Pendant, Interchangeable Link, DYI Jeweler, 167-711/147-711

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All our Interchageable Settings System parts are assembled by placing the ‘loops’ of one part over the ‘pegs’ of another part and bending the loops
onto the peg to secure it. Since the settings all have loops on one side and pegs on the other, we make Finishing Findings with your choice of pegs or
loops. This allows you to have your gem design flow either ‘up’ or ‘down’. Whether in Bails, Earring or Dangles, you have control of all facets of your
design! You can mix-and-match shapes, sizes and even faceted gems and cabochons! With the Dangle Finishing Findings you can even use our
assortment of Dangle Bails or Dangle Earrings and attach any of our Dangle Settings with the Dangle Finishing Finding Loop Convertor!

Custom made mounts and ring available. Please just ask us.

Custom make your ring for a fraction of the cost of a custom casted piece!

Rose, Yellow or White Gold Plating is available on all our Sterling Silver Settings. Please contact us for more info!

Made in the USA Solid 14kt Yellow, White, or Rose Gold or Solid Sterling Silver. Please allow an extra 2 weeks for custom casted Rose Gold.

Item: Link - Accent
Quantity: 1
Size: 2.5mm or 3mm
Shape: Round - Faceted
Accent stones: NA
Material: Solid Sterling Silver or Solid 14kt Yellow or White Gold
Sizes Available: NA
Origin: USA

David is a Graduate Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America. You can be rest assured of the quality of our products. All our gemstones are properly graded and tested for authentic. All our jewelry is made in the USA and is tested for quality and proper material construction.

Please contact us if you have any questions or any specific gemstones or jewelry you might need!

How Many Links Do You Need for a Bracelet?

This list gives you the number of links necessary to
assemble a bracelet approximately 7 inches long using
Ends “149-813” & “-814” with Clasp “248-113”. We list
how many links it takes to assemble a bracelet out a
single size gem, and then the approximate length of
each assembled link, in inches. You can determine the
length of various combinations of links by adding up the
lengths of each link and then allowing 5/8 inch (.625) for
the bar/clasp or 1 inch (1.00) for the ring ends with jump
rings and a barrel clasp. So, to make a 7 inch bracelet, the
total of your links should be 6.375 inches plus the bar/
clasp assembly or 6 inches plus the barrel clasp assembly.
(The difference between the two is .375 inches.)

How to use this table:

First, we list the base stock number of the setting,
Ex. “149-710”. Then we list the type of gem it fits,
Ex. Round Faceted. Then, we list the stone size,
Ex. 4mm, and tell you what each link of that size measures,
in finished length. Finally, we tell you the number
of links necessary to make a bracelet approximately 7
inches long using the bar/clasp assembly, Ex. 30 links.

147-710 Round Faceted
4mm = .217" 30 Links
5mm = .226" 28 Links
6mm = .256" 26 Links
7mm = .295" 22 Links
8mm = .335" 20 Links

147-750 Oval Faceted
6x4mm = .256" 25 Links
7x5mm = .295" 22 Links
8x6mm = .335" 20 Links
10x8mm = .413" 16 Links

147-720 Emerald Faceted
6x4mm = .335" 20 Links
7x5mm = .374" 17 Links
8x6mm = .413" 16 Links
9x7mm = .453" 14 Links
10x8mm = .492" 13 Links

147-740 Marquise Faceted
6x3mm = .256" 25 Links
8x4mm = .335" 20 Links
10x5mm = .394" 17 Links

147-760 Pear Faceted
6x4mm = .256" 25 Links
7x5mm = .295" 22 Links
8x5mm = .335" 20 Links
9x6mm = .374" 17 Links
10x7mm = .413" 16 Links

147-790 Heart Faceted
5x5mm = .236" 25 Links
6x6mm = .276" 23 Links
7x7mm = .335" 20 Links
8x8mm = .354" 18 Links
9x9mm = .394" 17 Links
10x10mm = .413" 16 Links

147-780 Triangle Faceted
5x5mm = .217" 30 Links
6x6mm = .256" 25 Links
7x7mm = .295" 22 Links
8x8mm = .335" 20 Links
9x9mm = .374" 17 Links
10x10mm = .413" 16 Links

147-650 Oval Cabochons
6x4mm = .276" 24 Links
7x5mm = .315" 21 Links
8x6mm = .354" 18 Links
9x7mm = .394" 17 Links
10x8mm = .433" 15 Links
11x9mm = .472" 14 Links
12x10mm = .512" 13 Links
14x10mm = .590" 11 Links
14x12mm = .590" 11 Links
16x12mm = .669" 10 Links
18x13mm = .748" 9 Links
147-711 or -712 Accent
links are all .118" long

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Materials: 14kt Gold, Solid Gold, Yellow Gold, Sterling Silver, White Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Solid Silver, Gold.