Gold Filled Round Wire, Gauge 18-24, Sold by the Foot, Made in USA, DYI Jewelry, Crafts, Mold-able, Fine Jewelry, Wire Wrapping

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Karat/Purity: Gold Filled

Hardness: Dead Soft

Shape: Round

Gauges: 18 20 21 22 23 24 Gauge

Length: 1ft

Country of origin: United States

Multiple quantity comes in one uncut piece! Please let us know if you prefer the wires in spool and if you are interested in the other Lengths and Gauges. We do Customer Requests too!

What is the difference between Half Hard and Dead Soft?

Half Hard and Dead Soft stands for hardness of the wire. Dead Soft is not too hard to bend. It is easy for bending, looping and flowing curves and spirals. This is good for wire wrapping. Half Hard is good for making sharp angles. This is good for making products where you want them to stay in shape for example ear wires, clasps, jump rings, necklace foundations, bracelet forms or even personalized wire name jewelry.

Materials: Gold Filled.